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Husband and wife earn their Black Belts


Bob and Marie Tack are the newest

and, in Bob’s case, most senior karate

black belt holders at the TNT Martial

Arts center in Romeo.

The couple earned the honor during

a rigorous two-hour testing session

Aug. 4 conducted in front of their

classmates and peers, and under the

guidance of TNT owners Patty and Andrew


As part of the testing for their American Freestyle fi rst-degree black belts, the couple was required to execute more than 70 karate moves, including strikes, blocks and kicks, along with weapons usage, board breaking and sparring. The Tacks, who have been married 30 years, have been students at TNT for 8 years. At 71 years of age, Bob is the oldest of TNT’s 35 black belt members. He and Marie join three other black belt holders at the center who are over60 years of age. “It’s taken a while, but we did it,” says Bob. “We started just to stay in shape. Now, we love it.” says Marie. “Everyone here is so happy for them,” says Patty Troia. “Bob and Marie are such an inspiration to the other students and instructors.” (Photos by Mike Nicley.)

The above article originally appeared in The Record newspaper in August of 2017


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