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unlimited classes


In addition to the many physical benefits of martial arts training, students will also experience the mental benefits. Children will gain focus, confidence and self-discipline through our character development program while adults will enjoy the stress relief and practical self-defense skills. 

Our Karate Classes are available to ages 6 & up and parents and children may participate in classes together.

For younger children, please click on the Lions, Tigers and Bears page for more details.


Parks & Rec Karate

one day per week classes

Students who wish to attend (1) day per week only, may participate in classes through Romeo Parks and Recreation.


Meant to be a trial program, this is a great option for new students who are not yet sure if martial arts training is the right choice for them. By enrolling in a Parks & Rec program, you can give the class a try and then decide when you are ready to make a more serious commitment in the future.  

To register for a (1) day per week program, please call the Romeo Parks & Recreation Department:



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