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TNT Kick Fit

Kick, Punch, Sweat!

TNT Martial Arts is proud to offer TNT Kick Fit, a total body workout for Women and Men that will help you kick and punch your way to good health.  

In addition to the kicks and punches that are the foundation of the class, we also use exercise bands, fitness dummies, body weight exercises, and heavy bags to add variety to the workout and incorporate exercises for all muscle groups. 

The best part about TNT Kick Fit is that it is designed to cater to people at all levels of fitness. Each individual can customize their workout by adjusting the intensity level to best suit their personal fitness goals. Whether you are looking to jumpstart your fitness routine or you are just looking to add some variety to your current workouts, TNT Kick Fit is the perfect combination of fun and fitness.


Unlimited Classes:

$58 per month


(1) day per week class:

$36 per month


Kick Fit classes are currently on hold

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