Self-Defense Frequently asked questions

What ages can participate in your self-defense & awareness training classes?

Our self-defense and awareness training classes are perfect for ages 12 & up, including senior citizens.

Do you offer any self-defense classes on a regular basis?

We typically offer a one day class 3-4 times per year which are open to women and girls (ages 12 & up)

Can I schedule a private class?

Yes. We often host private events for women's groups, senior citizens, school groups, local businesses, and others. A private group training program can be held at our facility or yours.

How many participants do we need for a private class?

We hold private events for groups as small as 8-10 participants but we are able to accommodate many more when requested. We recently held a self-defense class for more than 350 participants.

What will I learn in a self-defense class?

We typically cover basic, easy to remember self-defense skills that can easily be executed by participants of all ages and physical abilities. Even those with limited mobility can benefit from self-defense training. We also discuss many self-defense awareness issues to help participants avoid potentially dangerous scenarios whenever possible. For private classes, we tailor the instruction to meet the needs of your particular group.

How long are the classes?

Classes are TNT are typically approx. 2 hours long and cover a few basic skills. Private classes can range from 1 hour to a weekly class that runs for several weeks for groups who would like more extensive training.

What is the cost?

Classes are TNT are typically $20 per person (depending on the length). The cost of private classes depends on the number of participants, the duration of the class, and the location. Please contact us to arrange a program that is right for your group.