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Father & Son Black Belts, 31 years apart

Over the years, we have had many siblings, spouses, and even parents and children test for black belt together. It is always such an honor to see families train side by side and to watch them share the experience of achieving their goals together. At our testing last month (September 2021), we had a unique experience at TNT that we wanted to share with you.

Matt Janicki began training with me back in the 80's as a young teenager. He was one of my first students and the second student that I promoted to black belt, receiving his belt in 1990. All these years later, he is still a very active member at TNT and an incredible martial artist who continues to train regularly.

In 2008, Matt and his wife, Dawn, enrolled their oldest son, Brandon, in classes in our Lions, Tigers and Bears classes. Last month, Brandon became the 102nd student I have ever promoted to black belt. While many parents and children have tested together over the years, or maybe even a couple of years apart, it was a very special experience to promote Brandon 31 years and 100 students after his father received his black belt!

Matt and Dawn's youngest son, Joey, is still working toward his black belt and we look forward to seeing him earn his belt in the very near future. Congratulations to the Janicki family and their commitment to the martial arts over the past 36 years! We have shared so many amazing memories over those years and look forward to many more!

By Patty Troia


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