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Ann Henson-Jamerino Black Belt Letter

By Ann Henson-Jamerino

August 20, 2018 Dear TNT Family members,

I wanted to thank you all for the last seven and a half years. Each one of you has, in some way, helped me in my training and to get where I am today. Whether it was a correction of a form or technique, being a sparring partner, holding a glove, being tougher on me to make me train harder, a kind word, a smile or a hug, it has meant so much to me and I truly appreciate it.

I’ve learned so much from everyone. From the kids, I’ve learned to just try and not worry about how I look or doing it perfectly the first time. I’ve learned to laugh at myself and keep at it anyway. From the teens, I’ve been encouraged to always train with as much energy as I could muster even on long days when I had so many things going on outside of the dojo. I’ve also learned that I am NOT a teenager and have limitations with which I’ve had to accept, but also to appreciate the my blessings. From the adults, I’ve learned about karate, but also about things outside of the dojo – about raising kids, maintaining a house, and so many other life “stuff”, and yes, also learned how to get around all of the physical challenges of training when you’re a kid at heart but not physically one anymore.

Karate is an individual sport and yet, on many levels, is a team effort. Every time you have put energy into your training, or spirit in your Kiah! it rubs off on those around you, and it has always had a profound affect on me. I hope each of you finds your reason for being here and lets that reason drive your training to be the best YOU you can be. Your “why” will be what helps you be the “white belt that never gave up”.

It has been an honor to train with all of you. See you in class!

Ann S Henson-Jamerino


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