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Igo Primo 2.0 Nuance Tts Pro Voices




Conexio: VoiceFor Primo S puede interpretar al menos el inglés, el francés, el alemán, el japonés, el portugués, el italiano y el español May 15, 2013 Booting to Zune Connected Windows Phone 8 and "Another" UTA---it now takes a while to load up; . The problem is that the text-to-speech engine is not able to recognize the voices as being Primo 2.0 or newer and is trying to use the voices it has for phones that are 1.2 or older; . Nov 25, 2012 In: Primo 1.2 and Primo 2.0 it was enough to select one of the voices, but for Primo 3.0 and 3.0.2 one has to select one of the voices and then repeat the selection for the other voices. Firstly, you should download the voices for Primo 2.0, for example:. This will allow the voice engine to select the voice and then show a list of all available voices. Jan 6, 2013 Good News! The following voices have been added to the Primo 2.4 Voice Library: San Francisco, New York, San Jose, Sydney, and Vancouver. . Sep 20, 2011 Upcoming Announcements and Issues - Status on the Nuance TTS Pro Software for Primo? - [needed?] update of the Primo WMA voices - [needed?] update of the Primo 2.0 voices - [needed?] update of the iGO Primo 2.0 voices What I have noticed: The Nuance voices in the voice library are about 2 or 3 years old! and The generic Primo WMA voices in the voice library are really . Jun 14, 2014 9New Nuance TTS-Pro Voices For Primo 2.0 Wow, most voices are new, and there are already 9 new voices that we don't know about. I am not sure if these new voices are the ones for Primo 2.0 but it is worth a try. Nuance TTS is used for iGO Primo 2.0. There are  voices for Primo 2.0: Navteq driver alerts: Ford: Jaguar: Mercedes: Volvo: Tata: Toyota and iGO.




Igo Primo 2.0 Nuance Tts Pro Voices

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