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NOTE The application will be available in the Apple store by the time you read this. 11. iAudio Workstation ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ You can use it to record and to cut audio and video files. It will be a real-time editor. You can view it in any format. You can record multiple channels. It can be used for sound processing. You can customize your keys. 12. iMovie ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ The application lets you record audio, video, photos, panorama, text and voice. You can use it to make presentations, short movies, music videos, movies and animations. You can preview, edit and share it in real-time. You can easily edit multiple videos. It is free. 13. Canopus to Vegas Vegas is known for its support for production. It is known for its high quality editing and effects. It can save your projects. 14. CAMe Go – quick video For some time, it is a video editing software. It has editing support and a timeline. This software is famous for its compatibility with Sony camcorders. It allows you to take photos and record sound. You can use it for adding effects. 15. CaviarWorks ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫



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